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To finalize your prototypes you will be probably need accessories like power supplies to be able to turn on your LED module and maybe some wires to ease the launch of your test. We also offer a range of products dedicated to the heat dissipation with some heatsinks anodized in black or grey and some adhesive thermal pads to make the link between the MCPCB and the heatsink.

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Thermal adhesive for MCPCB STAR

ADH-D28.5-2W thermal-adhesive 1934
0,90 €
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Thermal adhesive 125x20mm

ADH-D20-H125-2W thermal-adhesive 497
3,90 €
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Thermal adhesive 125x27mm

ADH-D27-H125-2W thermal-adhesive 495
4,00 €
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Thermal adhesive 128x25mm

ADH-D25-H128-2W thermal-adhesive 478
4,00 €
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Thermal adhesive 18mm

ADH-18D-2W thermal-adhesive 418
1,00 €
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Thermal adhesive for MCPCB

ADH-D50-H60-2W thermal-adhesive 407
4,20 €
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Thermal adhesive for MCPCB MR16

ADH-D40-2W thermal-adhesive 340
1,45 €
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Batch of 2 wires for LED circuit

FILS-G24AWG-H300 wires 164
0,30 €
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Thermal adhesive for MCPCB MR11

ADH-D35-2W thermal-adhesive 137
1,20 €
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Heatsink for Star MCPCB

RAD-S-D23.5-H14-F heatsinks 82
8,70 €
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Thermal adhesive for MCPCB STAR - 10 pcs

ADH-D28.5X10 thermal-adhesive 65
7,50 €
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LED driver 3W 350mA

LMB-MPL-03-350 power-supplies Led Mounting Bases 29
8,90 €
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Design your personalized LED modules.

At LED Mounting Bases we offer you a range of products and services to help you personalize your LED modules. Select your board, your LED, your LED lens, the power supply and make them assemble by us. This way you will have a professional and qualitative LED module within the best lead-time at a price under control and you will be able to test or integrate your LED modules in the best conditions.


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