Frequently asked questions


Can LED Mounting Bases deliver goods everywhere in the world?


Yes, we can deliver almost everywhere. We work with shipment companies like Fedex, DHL, TNT or La Poste (French Postal Office)

What is the lead-time for the shipping?


We can ship your order the same day for almost all the orders received from Monday to Friday before:

  • 1.00pm (UTC+2) – Shipping by Fedex, TNT, DHL and La Poste
  • 9.00am (UTC+2) – Shipping by UPS

The orders received after these hours, and the orders shipped by Collisimo will be shipped the next working day.

What are the shipment fees?


The shipment fees for your order are indicated in your cart after your registration, because we need to know the destination of your parcel.

Where is LED Mounting Bases Company located?


We are based in France, in Narbonne at an ideal point in Europe for optimized shipment lead-time.

How can I pay for my orders?


You can pay your orders either by credit card, or by Paypal or by bank wire.

Which currency do you accept for payments?


You can pay your order either in Euros (EUR) or in American Dollars (USD)

How can I make an order?


We offer three ways for ordering, you can order directly from the website, or by sending us an email or by calling us on the phone. We like to talk directly too you

I need a proforma invoice to proceed to the payment can you supply this document?


Yes, we often make proforma invoices for our customers. You need to contact our team and they will prepare it as soon as possible.


Is LED Mounting Bases is just a reseller of MCPCBs or do you design your own boards?


We develop our own boards. All the MCPCBs on the website have been designed through our specifications. We have an engineering team specialized in the design of electronic boards for LEDs.

Are all your boards UL Compliant?


All our MCPCBs are manufactured with UL certified material. UL.

How can you ensure the compatibility of your boards with my prototype?


We have an electronic engineering team, which is ready to support you in the design of your prototypes. They can check the compatibility of our boards with your LEDs or the optics integration. Also we can advise you on the choice of your LEDs, optics, heatsinks and power supply depending on your specifications.

For one of our project, we need more boards than you have currently in stock, what can you do for us?


You can order your boards quantity directly on the website and we will launch immediately the manufacturing of the boards that we don’t have in stock. We can send partial orders or wait for it to be complete it depends on you. The standard lead-time for the manufacturing is 10 working days. Our team will contact you to give you the specific lead-time for your order.

I need to prototype a LED module but none of your boards can match my needs, can you create new boards?


Yes, we often create new boards. Contact us directly by email or on the phone, our engineers will answer you.

I would like to make the manufacturing of some MCPCBs I already have the Gerber files. Can you make it?


Yes, we often realize this operation for our customers. After the study of your Gerber files, we will be able to quote you the boards for the quantity you need.

Reflow soldering service

We saw on your website that you offer reflow soldering service, can you explain me what is that?


The reflow soldering service is the best way to have your LEDs soldered on a MCPCB with the best quality with professional technicians. Because a large majority of our customers do not have a reflow soldering lines we had the idea to offer this service. After the order of this service, you send us your LEDs and we make the soldering of your LEDs on the MCPCB you have chosen.

What are the benefits of using this service?


The quality of the soldering! Our assembly line is dedicated to LED mounting and is operated by highly experimented technicians. This is necessary to offer you high quality LED modules. The LED soldering is essential for their orderly functioning. Indeed, the soldering is the unique link between the LED and the MCPCB. The power dissipation is almost exclusively done through this link. A bad soldering could have bad consequences on the lifetime of the LED and on its performance.

Where can I send my LEDs?


You can send your LEDs at this address:
LED Mounting Bases
10 Avenue du champ de Mars
Eole ZI Plaisance – Bat 7
11100 Narbonne
At the order of this service, our team will contact you to inform you how you can ship your LEDs.

What is the lead-time for this service?


3 working days after we have received the LEDs, is the standard lead-time before we can ship the LED modules. Our team will confirm you this lead-time when you will order this service.


I would like to mount a LED you have in your store on a STAR MCPCB. How can I do?


It’s easy! All our LEDs are sold with the soldering service included. This means that you need to order only the LED and the STAR board.

I need a LED which I could not find on your website, does that mean you don’t have it?


No, there is still a chance that we have it. In fact, we have several references of LEDs which we have not put the website yet. Do not hesitate to contact us! We will do our best to satisfy you.

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