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We offer a large range of LED lenses designed by the biggest world-class manufacturers. Based on your LED module project specifications, you would need an optical device LED specific which could create a diffused lighting or straight, symmetrical or not, dedicated to a special application. We have created our range of LED lenses in order to satisfy mosts your needs. Contact our team with your specifications and we will be happy to assist you in the choice of your LED lenses. 

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Img Name Ref Type Series Nb LED Dimensions Stock Price

Carclo LED Lens 10771 Narrow Frost

Carclo-10771 Optique 1 ∅ 10 mm 144
1,70 €
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Optique Carclo 507

Carclo 507 Optique 3 ∅ 20 mm 120
3,35 €
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Ledil LED Lens CA12344_LAURA-W-PIN

CA12344_LAURA-W-PIN Optique Laura 1 x 21.6 mm 79
2,52 €
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Ledil LED Lens CA11481_LXP2-RS

CA11481_LXP2-RS Optique Leila 1 ∅ 21.6 mm 66
4,55 €
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Ledil LED Lens CA11837_LAURA-M-PIN

CA11837_LAURA-M-PIN Optique Laura 1 x 21.6 mm 48
4,20 €
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Optique Carclo 509

Carclo 509 Optique 3 ∅ 20 mm 38
3,35 €
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Ledil LED Lens C13055_EMMA-360

C13055_EMMA-360 Optique Emma 1 ∅ 9.9 mm 37
2,82 €
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Ledil LED Lens C10756_CUTE-3-W-DD

C10756_CUTE-3-W-DD Optique Cute 3 ∅ 35 mm 28
6,21 €
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Ledil LED Lens C10756_CUTE-3-W-OSL

C10756_CUTE-3-W-OSL Optique Cute 3 ∅ 35 mm 28
6,21 €
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Ledil LED Lens C10756_CUTE-3-W-XP

C10756_CUTE-3-W-XP Optique Cute 3 ∅ 35 mm 28
6,21 €
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Ledil LED Lens C10756_CUTE-3-W-N119

C10756_CUTE-3-W-N119 Optique Cute 3 ∅ 35 mm 26
6,21 €
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Ledil LED Lens C10472_DD-5-M-low

C10472_DD-5-M-low Optique Penta 5 ∅ 35.5 mm 25
6,21 €
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Design your personalized LED modules.

At LED Mounting Bases we offer you a range of products and services to help you personalize your LED modules. Select your board, your LED, your LED lens, the power supply and make them assemble by us. This way you will have a professional and qualitative LED module within the best lead-time at a price under control and you will be able to test or integrate your LED modules in the best conditions.


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